Monday, 15 September 2014

I'm a Venus!

Hello dear readers, today's post will be long, and all dedicated to fitted mesh -Belleza- body
gently and indeed right called after Venus =)

Before I even had it, I heard of course about fitted mesh bodies, but I never had it, because did't want to change old viewer, but time is running, and progress in the world didn't avoid the SECOND LIFE.
So following progress I change viewer, and here I'm wearing fitted mesh body.

My first impression was WOW,
no. no, it is  not just compliments for creator... it really, really good.

Well proportioned, smooth, and almost natural. See my picture, it straight away from viewer, 
no editing at all, just crop.

I think I will take another time and tell you about how to...
But today I just want to introduce you body & HUD

-Belleza- Venus body pack, contains black, white color lingerie, and black, white color high feet sandals made by JD, full alpha mask, fitted mesh body,
 body for Slink body parts, head tattoos, and HUD

Let's see how it works. Just want to say - SIMPLE!

First button - Skin, there as you see the -Belleza- skin samples, and other Skin presets, and some empty windows, for further skin appliers! So, by slicking on the buttons/windows,
 your body changing skin tone.

Next button dedicated  for the alpha, by clicking on the buttons you hide some parts of the body, I believe this options made to wear some  clothing!

On picture I hide - torso, and hands

For the Breast button, as you can see you able to change cleavage option & nipple skin tones

Next button is Hands,  you will discover a big collection of hands gestures & poses, 
nails size and nail polish variety!

Almost same applies to the next button, dedicated to the Feet, and surprise! JD feet option,
 that means you can wear some shoes JD made for own JD feet

 Hope it give you an idea what you gonna buy, and enjoy later on, and as you I have lot's of questions, and when I will find answers, I'll immediately share with you!

English not my first language =))
If you think I'm wrong, just IM me!

skin: -Belleza- Emily Makeup 3 RARE Arcade Gacha
hair: Vanity Hair::Night Blues <-- New!