Tuesday, 30 September 2014

N-core "New System"...COMING SOON

N-core "New System"...COMING SOON

N-core "New System"

* RIGGED mesh feet.
   3 styles: Flat, Medium, Xtreme
   (re-shaped & re-textured for a more realistic look!)
* Stockings & Tattoos

* N-core Click&Match (Updated!)
   Easy skin match with the web-based matching system. Huge database of skins, new stores going to be added. No appliers needed.
* Skin matching requests:
   For those skins not available yet in the database we commit to send you the RBG codes for your skin (upon request)
* ADD-ON SHOES. Lots of add-ons coming soon!

* Developer kit: make shoes for N-core feet (*Limited licenses*, more info soon)

* Free feet updates

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