Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Flickr!? Something worth to know!

 Modern life is very challenging, modern digital life even taught, every day we face some changes, updates, demos, betas, ans lots.. lots more. We spend our time to get use to it, ans some of us really struggle.
I never did any tutorial, don't think it will be a tutorial, but this is a reveling some secrets my friend shared with me, so I want to share with you..

Who likes new Flickr interface?

If you see how many SL community having post about Black Friday & other Black day against this new interface, I'd say -LOTS!

Flickr team, did not just changes interface in better and modern way, they did closes Facebook & Google access, with I personally feel unfair! But if you did changed your log in details (for Yahoo) immediately as I did, you keeping your Flickr photo stream and name, Pro acc.

So, I won't keep you long, here it is my tip, "how to keep old interface"

So this one wont be a helpful if you don't know any other language listed in the bottom of Flickr page, but,
fortunately I can use old interface with my eyes close, this mean, It's does not matter what language it is really... I switched on Francias, and here I have back old interface - this is means new interface is applies to English language.

But this is may be only temporary =( but still.... worth to try!

P.S.  Tried make all clear, but still, English my third language!


Всем кто хочет вернуть старый интерфейс Фликра, нужно только сменить язык, с Английского на любой другой, который вы понимаете, однако, если Вы продвинутый пользователь, чужой язык не должен стать Вам помехой.

На скринах выше приведен пример как это сделать.
Всем добра!