Monday, 13 January 2014

-Skifija- mesh hands

SKIFIJA hands!

Goran Osterhan, on behalf of SKIFIJA released mesh hands, only for 249L, modify, and with developers kit! Take this advantage try them!

Hand - partially liquid mesh and has mobility in conjunction with the wrist. 

As you see HUD contain samples of most skins in SL, but not all, day by day SKIFIJA skin library getting bigger, so if you a skin maker, please do submit your samples to Goran.

HUD changes skin tones, nails.
There is a simple Sequence for fine-tuning for skin:
1. Wear Alpha Layer on your avatar from inventory.
2. Wear HUD from inventory.
3. Wear hands from inventory.
4. In HUD press button - Skin, You see textures for skin, choose and remember number texture. 
5. In palette choose color for skin Your avatar. You can use buttons fine-tuning HSL, that are located below the palette.
6. Wear tattoo layer from inventory , corresponding to the number of the texture that you have chosen in HUD, Click right button mouse on tattoo layer in Your inventory and choose Edit or In the window Appearance, click tattoo for editing.
7. Make skin color settings for your avatar using a window - color/tint, just enter color values ​​that you got in HUD for Hue, Saturation and Luminance.
8, Press button Save.
For assistance in use HUD: