Friday, 13 September 2013

Reviling - Phat Azz

Today as Flickr down, I decided to make an informative post, and please forgive my English, as you know it not my first language.

I was confused a bit when first I received some Phat Azz appliers from

 [the Skinnery] &  ::Modish:: and no information about there to get that Phat Azz, and what is this. As blogger I wondered, and went to research. I found, that Phat Azz creator is a  Luck Inc.

So for lazy people here is an explanation of this awesome creation =) comes directly from original note card.


The Phat Azz comes with four basic skins for the mesh booty and tattoo blending layers to match it to your current skin.
The Booty comes in modify permission, that way you can tint it like the tattoo layer so that it matches your skin.

How to tint the rigged mesh booty:

By pressing crtl+3, you open the Build window. Check Edit linked and click on your booty so that you have just the skin layer selected.

Switch to the texture tab in the building window to tint your booty by opening the color chart.

!!!!ATTENTION !!!!

Since the booty is modify, please don't rename the description field, cause its important for the hud script. 
If you change it, the hud and the booty are not going to work properly anymore.
(Make sure to always  SAVE a COPY in your inventory!!)

Another thing that you need to know about this booty is, you have to change your shape slightly.

The body fat has to be 0 and the belly size 15 or else you will get a gape between the lower and upper part of your avatar.
Btw you can affect the mesh booty by changing a few sliders, like Leg Length, Hip Width,
Hip Length, Body Thickness and Height.
By playing with those sliders you can make the legs look more slim or thick!

The hud, should be pretty easy to use.

There are just two buttons to show/hide the clothing layers and a minimizing and closing aka detaching buttons (- & x).

Applying textures to your booty:

Just rez the applier hud on the ground or attach it and click it.
It can take a few seconds until the texture shows on your booty, so don't worry c:

If you have texture flickers/layer glitches, that happens from the Adv. Lighting Model and or the Alpha Mask in your graphic settings. Unchecking this option should fix this problem.

If you still see your underpant layer over your pant layer, just zoom out rom your avatar and back in or right click the mesh booty.

so, go ahead try the demo first
this booty inspired me to make a video, about how to edit and etc.
If you interested in this video please share this post via G+ or like it.